Gustave Caillebotte Paintings

Alphabetical list

  1. A Balcony

  2. A Balcony in Paris

  3. A Road Near Naples

  4. A Soldier

  5. A Traffic Island, Boulevard Haussmann

  6. A Young Man at His Window

  7. Anchored Boat on the Seine at Argenteuil

  8. Banks of the Yerres

  9. Bathers

  10. Boat at Anchor on the Seine

  11. Boater Pulling on His Perissoire

  12. Boathouse in Argenteuil

  13. Boating on the Yerres

  14. Boating Party

  15. Boulevard des Italiens

  16. Boulevard Haussmann, Snow

  17. Boulevard Seen from Above

  18. Calf in a Butcher Shop

  19. Calf's Head and Ox Toung

  20. Chrysanthemums, Garden at Petit Gennevilliers

  21. Cliff at Villers-sur-Mer

  22. Clump of Chrysanthemums, Garden at Petit Gennevilliers

  23. Dahlias - The Garden at Petit Gennevilliers

  24. Dark Bay Horse in the Stable

  25. Display of Chickens and Game Birds

  26. Factories at Argenteuil

  27. Father Magloire on the Road between Saint-Clair and Etretat

  28. Fishing

  29. Floor Strippers

  30. Four Vases of Chrysanthemums

  31. Fruit Displayed on a Stand

  32. Game of Bezique

  33. Garden at Yerres

  34. Hare

  35. Harvest, Landscape with Five Haystacks

  36. Hors d'Oeuvre

  37. In a Cafe

  38. Interior

  39. Interior

  40. Interior of a Studio with Stove

  41. Kitchen Garden, Petit Gennevilliers

  42. Landscape - Study in Yellow and Rose

  43. Laundry Drying, Petit Gennevilliers

  44. Loaded Haycart

  45. Luncheon

  46. Meaux. Effect of Sunlight on the Old Chapterhouse

  47. Melon and Bowl of Figs

  48. Nasturtiums

  49. Nasturtiums

  50. Norman Landscape

  51. Oarsmen

  52. On the Europe Bridge

  53. Orchids

  54. Paris Street, Rainy Day, 1877

  55. Park in the Snow, Paris

  56. Petit Gennevilliers, Facade, Southeast of the Artist's Studi

  57. Pheasants and Woodcocks on a Marble Table

  58. Place Saint-Augustin, Misty Weather

  59. Portait of Madame Martial Caillebote (the Artist's Mother)

  60. Portrait of a Man

  61. Portrait of a Man

  62. Portrait of a Man Writing in His Study

  63. Portrait of a Schoolboy

  64. Portrait of Henri Cordier

  65. Portrait of Jules Dubois

  66. Portrait of Jules Richemont

  67. Portrait of Madame X

  68. Portrait of Paul Hugot

  69. Portraits in the Countryside

  70. Regatta at Argenteuil

  71. Rib of Beef

  72. Richard Gallo and His Dog at Petit Gennevilliers

  73. Rising Road

  74. Riverbank in the Rain

  75. Rooftops Under Snow

  76. Rose Bush in Flower

  77. Rue Halevy, Balcony View

  78. Rue Halevy, Seen from the Sixth Floor

  79. Sailboats in Argenteuil

  80. Sailboats in Argenteuil

  81. Sailboats on the Seine at Argenteuil

  82. Seascape, Regatta at Villers

  83. Self Portrait

  84. Self Portrait

  85. Self Portrait Wearing a Summer Hat

  86. Self Portrait with Easel

  87. Still Life

  88. Still Life with Crayfish

  89. Still Life with Oysters

  90. Sunflowers on the Banks of the Seine

  91. Thatched Cottage at Trouville

  92. The Argenteuil Bridge and the Seine

  93. The Artist's House at Petit Gennevilliers

  94. The Banks of a Canal, near Naples

  95. The Basin at Argenteuil

  96. The Canoes

  97. The Floor Scrapers

  98. The Garden at Petit Gennevilliers in Winter

  99. The Gardeners

  100. The Gennevilliers Plain, Seen from the Slopes of Argenteuil

  101. The House Painters

  102. The Kitchen Garden, Yerres

  103. The Man on the Balcony

  104. The Man on the Balcony

  105. The Orange Trees

  106. The Park Monceau

  107. The Park on the Caillebotte Property at Yerres

  108. The Perpiniere Barracks

  109. The Piano Lesson

  110. The Pont du Europe

  111. The Promenade at Argenteuil

  112. The Wall of the Kitchen Garden, Yerres

  113. The Yerres, Effect of Light

  114. Three Partridges on a Table

  115. View Across a Balcony

  116. View of the Seine in the Direction of the Pont de Bezons

  117. Villas at Trouville

  118. White and Yellow Chrysanthemums

  119. Willows by the Yerres

  120. Woman at a Dressing Table

  121. Woman Seated on the Grass

  122. Woman Sitting on a Red-Flowered Sofa

  123. Yerres, Camille Daurelle under an Oak Tree

  124. Young Man Playing the Piano