Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot Paintings

Alphabetical list

  1. A Cow and its Keeper

  2. A Farm in the Nievre

  3. A Girl Reading

  4. A Rising Path

  5. A Road in the Countryside, Near Lake Leman

  6. A Road near Arras

  7. A Road through the Trees

  8. A Seated Italian

  9. A View near Volterra

  10. A Village near Beauvais

  11. A Village Steeet, Dardagny

  12. A Windmill in Montmartre

  13. Agostina

  14. Algerian Woman

  15. An Orchard at Harvest Time

  16. Arleux-du-Nord, the Drocourt Mill

  17. At Fontainebleau

  18. Avignon Seen from Villenueve-les-Avignon

  19. Banks of a River

  20. Bell Tower of the Church of Saint-Paterne at Orleans

  21. Between Lake Geneva and the Alps

  22. Boid-Guillaumi, near Rouen

  23. Bologne-sur-Mer, View from the High Cliffs

  24. Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase next to a Pot of Tobacco

  25. Breton Woman With Her Little Girl

  26. Breton Women at the Fountain

  27. By the Sea

  28. Canal in Picardi

  29. Chartres Cathedral

  30. Chateau de Rosny

  31. Chateau Thierry

  32. Children at the Edge of a Stream in the Countryside near Lor

  33. Civita Castellana - La Porta San Salvatore

  34. Civita Castellana, Rocks with Trees

  35. Claire Sennegon, Corot's Neice

  36. Clearing in the Bois Pierre, near at Eveaux

  37. Cotes-du-Nord

  38. Coulommiers, The Garden of M. Preschez

  39. Courtyard of a Bakery near Paris

  40. Cow in a Stable

  41. Cowherd and Her Child

  42. Cowherd by the Water

  43. Cowherd in a Dell, Souvenir of Brittany

  44. Crecy-en-Brie - Road in the Country

  45. Dante and Virgil

  46. Daydreaming at the Fountain

  47. Democritus and the Abderites

  48. Diana Surprised at Her Bath

  49. Dunkirk, Fishing Boats Tied to the Wharf

  50. Dunkirk, the Fishing Docks

  51. Entrance to a Chalet in the Bernese Oberland

  52. Evening - Distant Tower

  53. Evening Landscape

  54. Farmer Kneeling Picking Dandelions

  55. Fernand Corot, the Painter's Grand Nephew

  56. Field above the Village

  57. Field by a River

  58. Fields with a Village on the Horizon

  59. Figures in a Forest

  60. First Leaves, near Nantes

  61. Fisherman Boating along a Wooded Landscape

  62. Fishermen in a Boat

  63. Fishing Boars Beached in the Chanel

  64. Fishing Shed at Mathois near Gournay-en-Bray

  65. Fishing with Nets, Evening

  66. Florence - The Boboli Gardens

  67. Flute Player at Lake Albano

  68. Fontainebleau - Black Oaks of Bas-Breau

  69. Fontainebleau - the Chailly Road

  70. Fontainebleau, 'The Raging One'

  71. Fontainebleau, Storm over the Plains

  72. Fontainebleau, the Bas-Breau Road

  73. Forest of Fontainebleau

  74. Forest of Fontainebleau

  75. Fountainebleau - Aux Georges d'Apremont

  76. Gardens of the Villa d'Este at Tivoli

  77. Geneva - View of Part of the City

  78. Genzano - Goatherd and Village

  79. Goatherd Charming His Goat with a Flute

  80. Goatherd Standing, Playing the Flute under the Trees

  81. Goatherds on the Borromean Islands

  82. Gypsy with a Basque Tamborine

  83. Hagar in the Wilderness

  84. Hamlet and the Gravedigger

  85. Harvester Holding Her Sickle

  86. Harvester with Sickle

  87. Homer and the Shepherds

  88. Honfleur - Calvary on the Cote de Grace

  89. Honfleur - Fishing Boat

  90. Honfleur - The Old Wharf

  91. Horse and Rider in a Gorge

  92. In the Vicinity of Geneva

  93. In the Woods at Ville d'Avray

  94. Interior of Sens Cathedral

  95. Interrupted Reading

  96. Italian Monk Reading

  97. Italian Woman with a Yellow

  98. Italian Youth Sitting in Corot's Room

  99. Jewish Algerian Woman

  100. Jimieges

  101. Judith

  102. La Cervara, the Roman Countryside 1

  103. La Cervara, the Roman Countryside 2

  104. La Patre dominant la Gorge rocheuse

  105. La Rochelle - Quarry near the Port Entrance

  106. Lady in Blue

  107. Lake Nemi, Seen through Trees

  108. Lake Piediluco

  109. Landscape by the Lake

  110. Landscape with a White Tower, Souvenir of Crecy

  111. Landscape with Three Figures

  112. Laura Sennegon, Carot's Neice

  113. Le cours d'eau a la tour carree

  114. Le Gue

  115. Le Quai des Paquis, Geneva

  116. Le Toilette

  117. Les Alinges, Haute Savoie, Figures under the Trees

  118. Little Chaville

  119. Lormes - A Waterfall with a Standing Peasant, Spinning Wool

  120. Lormes - Shepherdess Sitting under Trees beside a Stream

  121. Louis Robert as a Child

  122. Louise Harduin in Mourning

  123. Luzancy, the Path through the Woods

  124. Madame Charmois

  125. Madame Corot, the Artist's Mother

  126. Madame Legois

  127. Mademoiselle Alexina Ledoux

  128. Mademoiselle de Foudras

  129. Mantes - the Cathedral and the City Seen throuth the Trees

  130. Marcoussis - Cows Grazing

  131. Marissal, Path to the Front of the Church

  132. Maurice Robert as a Child

  133. Meadow with Two Large Trees

  134. Monk in White, Seated, Reading

  135. Monk with a Cello

  136. Monte Soracte

  137. Moonlit Landscape

  138. Mornex Landscape

  139. Mornex, Haute-Savoie

  140. Morning

  141. Morning - Dance of the Nymphs

  142. Morning - Woman Hearding Cows

  143. Morning by the Water

  144. Mother and Child on the Beach

  145. Mother Breast Feeding Her Child

  146. Mountainous Landscape

  147. Mountains in Auvergne

  148. Mur Peasants

  149. Narni - The Ponte Augusto over the Nera

  150. Near Arras, the Banks of the Scarpe

  151. Near Rotterdam

  152. Near Rotterdam, Small Houses on the Banks of a Canal

  153. Near the Mill, Chierry, Aisne

  154. Nemi, the Lake's Edge

  155. Odalisque

  156. Old Bridge at Limay, on the Seine

  157. Old Man Seated on Corot's Trunk

  158. On the Banks of the Tiber

  159. Orleans - View from a Window Overlooking the Saint-Peterne T

  160. Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld

  161. Outside Paris - The Heights above Ville d'Avray

  162. Papigno - Buildings Overlooking the Valley

  163. Pastorale

  164. Peasant Girl near a Cabin

  165. Peasant Woman Watering Her Cow

  166. Peasants near a Village

  167. Peasants under the Trees at Dawn, Morvan

  168. Pensive Oriental

  169. Pensive Young Woman

  170. Plains near Beauvais

  171. Pond at Ville d'Avray, with Leaning Trees

  172. Pond with a Large Tree

  173. Pond with Dog

  174. Pond with Three Cows and a Crescent Moon

  175. Portrait of a Standing Woman

  176. Portrait of Laurent-Denis Sennegon

  177. Quarry of the Chaise-Mre at Fontainebleau

  178. Rebecca

  179. Return of the Hayers to Marcoussis

  180. Richmond, near London

  181. Road through Wooded Mountains

  182. Rocks in Amalfi

  183. Roman Campagna

  184. Roman Countryside

  185. Roman Countryside - Rocky Valley with a Herd of Pigs

  186. Rome - Castle Sant'Angelo

  187. Rome - the Basilica of Constantine

  188. Rome - The Colosseum Seen through Arches of the Basilica of

  189. Rome - The Convent of Sant'Onofrio, on the Janiculum

  190. Rome - The Fountain of the Academie de France

  191. Rome - View from the Farnese Gardens, Morning

  192. Rome - View from the Farnese Gardens, Noon

  193. Rome, Monte Pincio, Trinità dei Monti

  194. Rome, The Forum Seen from the Farnese Gardens, Evening

  195. Rome, Trinità dei Monti - View from the Villa Medici

  196. Rouen Seen from Hills Overlooking the City

  197. Saint Sebastian

  198. Saint Sebastian in a Landscape

  199. Saint-Nicholas-les-Arras, Willows on the Banks of the Scarpe

  200. Self Portrait with Palette

  201. Semur - the Path from the Church

  202. Sevres-Brimborion - View toward Paris

  203. Shepherd and Shepherdess at Play

  204. Shepherd Resting

  205. Sibylle

  206. Silenus

  207. Smugglers

  208. Smyrne-Bornabat

  209. Soissons - Hoses and Factory of Mr. Henry

  210. Soissons Seen from Mr. Henry's Factory

  211. Souvenir of Italy

  212. Souvenir of Montefontaine, 1864

  213. Souvenir of Riva

  214. Souvenir of the Lake Nemi Region

  215. Souvenir of the Villa Borghese

  216. Souvenir of Ville d'Avray

  217. Stoller in the Fontainebleau Forest

  218. Strolling along the Banks of a Pond

  219. The Aqueduct in the Valley

  220. The Artist's Studio 1

  221. The Artist's Studio 2

  222. The Banks of the Midouze, Mont-de-Marsan

  223. The Baptism of Christ

  224. The Bay of Somme

  225. The Beach at Dunkirk

  226. The Belfry of Douai

  227. The Boatmen of Mortefontaine

  228. The Bridge at Grez-sur-Loing

  229. The Bridge at Nantes

  230. The Cart

  231. The Church at Essommes, near the Chateau Thierry

  232. The Church at Lormes

  233. The Church of Marissel

  234. The Curious Little Girl

  235. The Destruction of Sodom

  236. The Eldest Daughter of M. Edouard Delalain

  237. The Evaux Mill at Chiery, near Chateau Thierry

  238. The Evening Star

  239. The Fair Maid of Gascony

  240. The Forestry Workers

  241. The Grape Harvest at Sevres

  242. The Greek Girl

  243. The Happy Isle

  244. The Inn at Montigny-les-Cormeilles

  245. The Italian Goatherd, Evening

  246. The Knight

  247. The Letter

  248. The Little Bridge at Mantes

  249. The Little Shepherd

  250. The Mill in the Trees

  251. The Mother Superior of the Convent of the Annonciades

  252. The Paver of the Chailly Road

  253. The Pond and the Cabassud Houses at Ville-d'Avray

  254. The Pont de Narni

  255. The Pont-au-Change and the Palais de Justice

  256. The Port of La Rochelle

  257. The Quai des Paquis in Geneva

  258. The Rhone - Three Women on the Riverbank Seated on a Tree Tr

  259. The Roman Countryside in Winter

  260. The Severes Hills - Le Chemin Troyon

  261. The Sevres Road

  262. The Sin-le-Noble Road near Douai

  263. The Son of M. Edouard Delalain

  264. The Swamp by the Large Tree with a Goatherd

  265. The Tibre River Hemmed in by the Collines

  266. The Town and Lake Como

  267. The Valley

  268. The Verdant Bank

  269. The Younger Daughter of M. Edouard Delalain

  270. Toussaint Lemaistre, Architect

  271. Tuscan Beaters

  272. Two Cowherds in a Meadow by the Water

  273. Two Italians, an Old Man and a Young Boy

  274. Venice - View of Campo della Carita from the Dome of the Sal

  275. Venice - View of the Esclavons Quay

  276. Venice, the Grand Canal, View from the Esclavons Quay

  277. Venice, the Piazetta - View from the riva degli Schiavoni

  278. View at Riva, Italian Tyrol

  279. View near Naples

  280. View of Genoa from the Promenade of Acqua Sola

  281. View of Pierrefonds

  282. View of Pincio, Italy

  283. View of Saint Lo with the River Vire in the Foreground

  284. View of Saint-Lo

  285. View of the Chalet de Chenes, Bellevue, Geneva

  286. Village at the Foot of a Hill, Ile-de-France

  287. Village Corner, Ecouen

  288. Ville d'Avray

  289. Ville d'Avray

  290. Ville d'Avray - Edge of the Woods with a Female Cowherd

  291. Ville d'Avray - Horseman at the Entrance of the Forest

  292. Ville d'Avray - The Boat Leaving the Shore

  293. Ville d'Avray - The Chemin de Corot

  294. Ville d'Avray - The Heights

  295. Ville d'Avray - The Horses Watering Place

  296. Ville d'Avray - The Pond and the Cabassud House

  297. Ville d'Avray, Cowherd in a Clearing near a Pond

  298. Ville d'Avray, the Large Pond and Villas

  299. Voisinlieu, House by the Water

  300. Volterra - Church and Bell Tower

  301. Volterra - the Citadel

  302. Waterfall on the Romagnes

  303. Willows and Farmhouses at Saint-Catherine-les Arras

  304. Windmill on the Cote de Picardie, near Versailles

  305. Windswept Landscape

  306. Woman in a Toque with a Mandolin

  307. Woman Picking Flowers in a Pasture

  308. Woman Reading in a Landscape

  309. Woman with a Pearl

  310. Women in a Field of Willows

  311. Wooded Peninsula

  312. Young Algerian Woman Lying on the Grass

  313. Young Boy of the Corot Family

  314. Young Girl Seated in a Meadow

  315. Young Girl with a Large Cap on Her Head

  316. Young Italian Patriot in the Mountains

  317. Young Italian Woman from Papigno with Her Spindle

  318. Young Woman

  319. Young Woman in a Red Dress

  320. Young Woman with a Mandolin