Gustave Courbet Paintings

Alphabetical list

  1. A Bay with Cliffs

  2. A Dog from Ornans

  3. A Family of Deer in a Landscape with a Waterfall

  4. A Thicket of Deer at the Stream of Plaisir-Fountaine

  5. A Waterfall in the Jura

  6. After Dinner at Ornans

  7. After the Storm

  8. Bald Rock in the Valley of Ornans

  9. Basket of Flowers

  10. Battle of the Stags

  11. Bouquet of Flowers

  12. Burial at Ornans

  13. Chateau du Chillon

  14. Cliffs by the Sea in the Snow

  15. Cliffs near Ornans

  16. Count de Choiseul's Greyhounds

  17. Crumbling Rocks

  18. Deer in a Snowy Landscape

  19. Deer in the Snow

  20. Deer Taking Shelter in Winter

  21. Dressing the Bride

  22. Entering the Forest

  23. Fishing Boats on the Deauville Beach

  24. Flowering Apple Tree Branch

  25. Forest in Autumn

  26. Fox in the Snow

  27. Fruit

  28. Girl with the Seagulls, Trouville

  29. Hollyhocks in a Copper Bowl

  30. Hunter on Horseback

  31. In the Woods

  32. Juliette Courbet

  33. La Ruisseau de la Breme

  34. Lake Leman

  35. Landscape near Puit Noir, near Ornans

  36. Landscape of the Ornans Region

  37. Le Glacier

  38. Lisiere de foret

  39. Locks on the Loue

  40. Male and Female Deer in the Woods

  41. Marine

  42. Marine De Saint-Aubin

  43. Mother Grégoire

  44. Paysage Guyere

  45. Peasant Wearing Madras

  46. Poachers in the Snow

  47. Portrait of a Spanish Lady

  48. Portrait of a Young Girl from Salins

  49. Portrait of Baudelaire

  50. Portrait of Countess Karoly

  51. Portrait of Gabrielle Borreau

  52. Portrait of Jo, the Beautiful Irish Girl

  53. Portrait of P.J. Proudhon

  54. Portrait of the Artist's Father, Regis Courbet

  55. Red Apples

  56. Reflection

  57. Remise de Cerfs

  58. River and Cliff

  59. River Landscape

  60. Rocks at Mouthier

  61. Rocky Landscape with Figure

  62. Rocky Seashore

  63. Seascape

  64. Seascape at Etretat

  65. Self Portrait

  66. Self Portrait

  67. Self Portrait with a Black Dog

  68. Shelter of the Roe Deer at the Stream of Plaisir-Fontaine, D

  69. Snow

  70. Souvenir of Les Cabanes

  71. Still Life

  72. Still Life - Apples, Pears and Flowers on a Table, Saint Pel

  73. Still Life - Fruit

  74. Still Life with Apples and Pomegranate

  75. Still Life with Pears and Apples

  76. Still Life with Pears and Apples

  77. Still Life with Three Trout from the Loue River

  78. Sunset on Lake Leman

  79. The Angry Sea

  80. The Approaching Storm

  81. The Artist's Studio

  82. The Beach at Trouville at Low Tide

  83. The Beach at Trouville at Low Tide

  84. The Calm Sea

  85. The Cellist, Self Portrait

  86. The Chateau d'Ornans

  87. The Cliff at Etretat

  88. The Cliff at Etretat After the Storm

  89. The Desperate Man

  90. The Draughts Players

  91. The German Huntsman

  92. The Gorge

  93. The Grain Sifters

  94. The Hallali of the Stag

  95. The Hammock

  96. The Homecoming

  97. The Houses of the Chateau D'Ornans

  98. The Lady of Frankfurt

  99. The Loue Valley

  100. The Meeting (Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet)

  101. The Oak at Flagey

  102. The Oak of Vercingetorix

  103. The Ornans Paper Mill

  104. The Painter's Studio

  105. The Peasants of Flagey Returning from the Fair, Ornans

  106. The Quarry

  107. The Rest During the Harvest Season

  108. The River Plaisir-Fontaine

  109. The Shaded Stream

  110. The Sleeping Spinner

  111. The Source among the Rocks of the Doubs

  112. The Source of the Lison

  113. The Source of the Loue

  114. The Source of the Love

  115. The Stormy Sea

  116. The Trellis

  117. The Trout

  118. The Valley of the Loue

  119. The Valley of the Loue in Stormy Weather

  120. The Wave

  121. The Wave

  122. The Wave

  123. The Wave

  124. The Wave

  125. The Wave

  126. The Woman in a Podoscaphe

  127. The Wrestlers

  128. The Young Ladies of the Village

  129. The Young Ladies on the Banks of the Seine, 1856-1857

  130. Three English Girls at a Window

  131. Valley of Ornans

  132. View of Ornans and Its Church Steeple

  133. View of the Parc de Crete over Clarens

  134. Woman with Garland

  135. Woods in the Snow

  136. Wounded Man

  137. Young Girl Arranging Flowers