Jean-Léon Gérôme Paintings

Alphabetical list

  1. A Café in Cairo

  2. A Chat by the Fireside

  3. A Collaboration - Corneille and Molière

  4. A Hot Day in Cairo (In front of the Mosque)

  5. A Japanese Imploring a Divinity

  6. A Joke

  7. A Muezzin Calling from the Top of a Minaret

  8. A Street Scene in Cairo

  9. Almehs playing Chess in a Café

  10. An Arab and his Dogs

  11. Anacreon

  12. Arab Encampment

  13. Arab Girl with Waterpipe

  14. Arabs Arguing

  15. Arabs Crossing the Desert

  16. Arnaut Smoking

  17. Arnauts of Cairo at the Beb en-Nasr

  18. Arnauts playing Chess

  19. Atelier de Tanagra

  20. Bacchante

  21. Bashi-Bazouk and his Dog

  22. Bashi-Bazouk Singing

  23. Bisharin Warrior

  24. Black Bashi-Bazouk

  25. Bonaparte et son armée en Egypte

  26. Camels at the Trough

  27. Caravan

  28. Cave Canem

  29. Cleopatra before Caesar

  30. Consummatum est Jerusalem

  31. Dante (He Hath Seen Well)

  32. Decoration

  33. Diogenes

  34. Drunken Bacchus and Cupid

  35. Duel after the Ball

  36. Egyptian Recruits Crossing the Desert

  37. Excursion of the Harem

  38. Field of Rest

  39. Greek Youth at Prayer

  40. Head of a Peasant of the Roman Campagna

  41. Heads of the Rebel Beys at the Mosque of El Hasanein, Cairo

  42. Interior of a Mosque

  43. L'Eminence Grise

  44. Leaving the Mosque

  45. Lion

  46. Louis XIII

  47. Louis XIV and Molière

  48. Madame Duvergier

  49. Madeleine Juliette Gérôme and Her Dolls

  50. Markos Botsaris

  51. Michelangelo in his Studio

  52. Pelt Merchant of Cairo

  53. Pho Xai

  54. Pifferai

  55. Pifferai

  56. Pifferai

  57. Plaza de Toros, The Entry of the Bull

  58. Pollice Verso

  59. Polyphemus

  60. Portrait of a Cactus Collector

  61. Portrait of a Lady

  62. Portrait of a Lady

  63. Portrait of a Lady

  64. Portrait of a Woman

  65. Portrait of a Young Boy

  66. Portrait of Eduoard Delessert

  67. Portrait of M. Leblond

  68. Prayer in Cairo

  69. Prayer in the House of an Arnaut Chief

  70. Prayer in the Mosque

  71. Public Prayer in the Mosque of Amr, Cairo

  72. Recreation in a Russian Camp, Souvenir of Moldavia

  73. Saïs and his Donkey

  74. Self Portrait

  75. Socrates seeking Alcibiades in the House of Aspasia

  76. Solomon's Wall Jerusalem (The Wailing Wall)

  77. Souvenir D'Acheres

  78. Study of a Dog

  79. The Arab and his Steed

  80. The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer

  81. The Colossus of Memnon

  82. The Dance of the Almeh

  83. The Day of the Last Judgment

  84. The Death of Caesar

  85. The Duc de La Rochefoucauld-Doudeauville with his Terrier

  86. The Grief of the Pasha

  87. The Guardian of the Seraglio

  88. The Horse Market

  89. The Muezzin

  90. The Picador

  91. The Prisoner

  92. The Pyrrhic Dance

  93. The Reception of the Siamese Ambassadors at Fontainebleau

  94. The Republic

  95. The Rug Market in Cairo

  96. The Sentinel at the Sultan's Tomb

  97. The Standard Bearer

  98. The Syrian Shepherd

  99. The Tulip Folly

  100. The Virgin, the Infant Jesus and St John

  101. Tiger on the Watch 1

  102. Tiger on the Watch 2

  103. Treading out the Grain in Egypt

  104. Un Marchand D'armes Au Caire

  105. Veiled Circassian Lady

  106. View of Cairo

  107. View of Paestum

  108. Waiting for an Audience

  109. Whoever you are, here is your master

  110. Woman of Cairo at her Door