Albert Lebourg Paintings

Alphabetical list

  1. A Street in Bercy

  2. At Anchor, near Rouen

  3. At Bois Guillaume, near Rouen

  4. Banks of the River

  5. Barge on the Seine at Basd-Meudon

  6. Barges on the Seine, near Paris

  7. Billancourt Landscape

  8. Boats by the Banks of Lake Geneva at Saint-Gingolph

  9. Boats Docked at Saint-Gingolph

  10. Bouquet of Roses in a Vase

  11. Bridge and Rider

  12. Canal in Holland near Rotterdam

  13. Dieppe Basin

  14. Ferry on the Bouille

  15. Hondouville, an Afternoon at the End of Winter

  16. Houses in the Valley

  17. L'Allier a Pont du Chateau

  18. La Rochelle, the Harbor, Bright Sky

  19. La Rochelle, the Port

  20. Landscape

  21. Landscape

  22. Landscape with Houses

  23. Le Havre

  24. Mill in Normandy

  25. Moorish House in Algiers

  26. Near Rouen, Snowy Weather

  27. Near Rouen: The Cliffs of Saint-Adrien

  28. Notre Dame de Paris

  29. Notre Dame de Paris

  30. Notre Dame de Paris

  31. Notre Dame de Paris, View from Pont de la Tournelle

  32. Notre-Dame de Paris and the Bridge of the Archeveche

  33. Paris, the Bridge of Saint-Peres

  34. Paris, the Seine and Notre-Dame

  35. Paris, the Seine and the Pont des Saint-Peres, with the Louv

  36. Paris, the Seine at Pont des Arts and the Institute

  37. Place de la Concord

  38. Port Scene, Rouen

  39. Rouen, Snow Effect

  40. Saint Maurice (Valais)

  41. Seascape

  42. Snow in Auvergne

  43. Steamers and Barges in the Port of Rouen, Sunset

  44. Street in Pont du Chateau

  45. Switzerland

  46. The Banks of the Canal at Charenton

  47. The Banks of the Durdent

  48. The Banks of the Seine

  49. The Banks of the Seine - Caumont in Summer

  50. The Banks of the Seine at Bercy

  51. The Banks of the Seine at Maisons-Lafitte

  52. The Banks of the Seine at Rouen

  53. The Bridge, Joinville

  54. The Canal at Charenton

  55. The End of Autumn at Hondouville-sur-Iton

  56. The Ferry at Bouille, Sunset

  57. The Forest in Autumn near Rouen

  58. The Parc Monceau

  59. The Pond at Chalou-Moulineux, near Etampes

  60. The Pond at Eysies

  61. The Pont Neuf and the Monnaie Lock

  62. The Port of Bercy, in Winter, Snow Effect

  63. The Port of Bercy, Unloading the Sand Barges

  64. The Port of Rouen

  65. The Port of Rouen with Cathedral

  66. The Port of Rouen, Grey Weather

  67. The Quay de l'Amiraute in Algiers

  68. The Seine and the Faubourt Saint-Server

  69. The Seine at Croisset, near Rouen

  70. The Seine at La Bouille

  71. The Seine at Rouen

  72. The Seine at Rouen

  73. The Seine at Suresnes

  74. The Seine in the Vicinity of Rouen

  75. The Seine near Paris

  76. The Shores of Lake Geneva at Saint-Gingolph

  77. The Small Arm of the Seine at Pont Neuf

  78. The Small Art of the Saine at Bas-Meudon in Autumn

  79. The Small Branch of the Seine at Bas Meudon: Snow and Sunli

  80. The Small Branch of the Seine at Bas-Meudon: Snow and Wiint

  81. The Waterfront, Port of Honfleur

  82. Tugboat on the Seine Downstream from Rouen

  83. Vetheuil Path, Morning Effect

  84. View of Notre Dame and the Seine

  85. View of Notre Dame, Winter

  86. View of Rouen in Winter