The Gardener, Afternoon Sun, Eragny (1899)
painting 446 of 617 by Camille Pissarro

The Gardener, Afternoon Sun, Eragny, 1899 by Camille Pissarro

Information about painting

In the neo-impressionist phase of his late work Pissarro painted a number of light, luminously coloured works of this kind, not all of which attain the sheer intensity and freshness of The Gardener, however. As in Monet’s »Fields in the Spring«, the painter was primarily concerned with the multi-faceted phenomenon of light on a bright summer’s day.

The dispersion of short strokes and traces of colour in an almost staccato-style rhythm throughout the surface is typical of late impressionist paintings and is evidence of the increasing tendency towards formal dissolution in the style. Of interest is a comparison with the works of the Nabis, for example, which originated at about the same time.