Ferdinand Loyen Du Puigaudeau Paintings

Alphabetical list

  1. Boating at Night in Briere

  2. Bourg-de-Batz, Brittany

  3. Breton Festival

  4. Breton Girls with Chinese Lanterns

  5. Breton Landscape

  6. Breton Village by the Sea

  7. Breton Woman Seated under a Large Tree

  8. Carnival at Night

  9. Carnival at Night in Croisic

  10. Carnival at Night, Saint-Paul de Leon

  11. Carousel at Night at the Fair

  12. Cart by the Path

  13. Children on a Dune

  14. Chinese Shadows, the Rabbit

  15. Cottage in the Moonlight in Briere

  16. Countryside with Windmill, near Batz

  17. Farmyard

  18. Fireworks over the Port

  19. Fishermen by the Banks of the Loire

  20. Flower Garden at Kervaudu

  21. Grande Briere Landscape

  22. July 14th Fireworks at Bourg-de-Batz

  23. Kervaudu Garden, Climbing Roses

  24. Kervaudu, View from the Marsh

  25. Landscape with Mill near the Salt Ponds

  26. Landscape, Hills of Guerande

  27. Le Croisic, Girls at the Foot of a Standing Stone

  28. Le Pouldu, Woman Breast Feeding on a Dune

  29. Le Pouldu, Woman on the Beach beside a Fire

  30. Moonlight on the Sea and the Rocks

  31. Moonlight over Kervaudu

  32. Moulin de la Mass, near Batz

  33. Nightime Procession at Saint-Pol-de-Leon

  34. Path in Front of the Church of Croisic

  35. Pont-Aven in the Moonlight

  36. Procession at Nenvic

  37. Reading

  38. Sailboats at Sea, Evening

  39. Sailboats at Sunset

  40. Shrimp Fisherwoman

  41. Soap Bubbles

  42. Sunrise at Batz-sur-Mer

  43. Sunset by the Sea, Brittany

  44. Sunset in Briere

  45. Sunset in Briere

  46. Sunset in Briere

  47. Sunset of the Breton Coast

  48. Sunset on the Coast

  49. Sunset on the Grande Briere

  50. The Banks of the Loire, Basse Indre

  51. The Bourg-de-Batz Church under the Moon

  52. The Customs Cabin

  53. The Fair at Pont-Aven

  54. The Funfair at Night, Pont Aven

  55. The Garden at Kervaudu

  56. The Magic Lantern

  57. The Mill

  58. The Return of the Sailboat

  59. The Standing Stone

  60. The Sun Setting on the Sea

  61. The Trellis by the River

  62. The Wayside Cross at Rochefort-en-Terre

  63. Three Breton Girls Lighting their Candles before the Process

  64. View of Venice

  65. Village Plaza

  66. Wheat Stack at Sunset

  67. Windmill near Guerande

  68. Windmills near the Town of Batz