Henri Le Douanier Rousseau Paintings

Alphabetical list

  1. A Carnival Evening

  2. A Corner of the Plateau of Bellevue

  3. Apes in the Orange Grove

  4. Avenue de l'Observatoire

  5. Boat in a Storm

  6. Bouquet of Flowers

  7. Bouquet of Flowers

  8. Bouquet of Flowers

  9. Bouquet of Flowers with an Ivy Branch

  10. Child with Doll

  11. Child with Puppet

  12. Combat of a Tiger and a Buffalo

  13. Combat of a Tiger and a Buffalo

  14. Exotic Landscape

  15. Exotic Landscape

  16. Family Fishing

  17. Footbridge at Passy

  18. Forest Promenade

  19. Forest Rendezvous

  20. Horse Attacked by a Jaguar

  21. House on the Outskirts of Paris

  22. Jungle with Lion

  23. Landscape

  24. Landscape on the Banks of the Bievre at Becetre, Spring

  25. Landscape on the Banks of the Oise, Area of Chaponval

  26. Landscape with Bridge

  27. Landscape with Factory

  28. Landscape with Farmer

  29. Liberty Inviting Artists at the Society of Independent Artis

  30. Luxembourg Garden

  31. Meadowland

  32. Myself, Landscape Portrait

  33. Notre Dame: View of the Ile Saint-Louis

  34. Notre Dame: View of the Ile Saint-Louis (Study)

  35. Old Junior's Cart

  36. Portrait of a Man

  37. Portrait of a Woman

  38. Portrait of a Woman

  39. Portrait of a Woman

  40. Portrait of a Woman

  41. Portrait of Frumence Biche in Uniform

  42. Portrait of Joseph Brummer

  43. Portrait of Leon-Paul Fargue

  44. Portrait of Monsieur S

  45. Portrait of Mr. X (Pierre Loti)

  46. Portrait of the Artist's Second Wife with a Lamp

  47. River Bank

  48. Scout Attacked by a Tiger

  49. Self Portrait with a Lamp

  50. Suburban Scene

  51. Surprise!

  52. The Artilleryman

  53. The Avenue in the Park at Saint-Cloud

  54. The Banks of the Oise

  55. The Chair Factory

  56. The Customs House

  57. The Eiffel Tower

  58. The Fishermen and the Biplane

  59. The Flamingos

  60. The Football Players

  61. The Little Cavalier, Don Juan

  62. The Merry Jesters

  63. The Mill

  64. The Mill at Alfort

  65. The Muse Inspiring the Poet

  66. The Painter and His Wife

  67. The Pink Candle

  68. The Poultry Yard

  69. The Quarry

  70. The Representatives of Foreign Powers

  71. The Sleeping Gypsy

  72. The Snake Charmer

  73. The Tiger Cat

  74. The Tiger Hunt

  75. The Wedding

  76. Tropical Forest with Apes and Snake

  77. View of Bievre-sur-Gentilly

  78. View of Malakoff

  79. View of Parc de Montsouris

  80. View of Saint Cloud

  81. View of the Banks of the Oise

  82. View of the Bois de Boulogne

  83. View of the Bridge at Sevres

  84. View of the Fortifications

  85. View of the Outskirts of Paris

  86. View of the Palais du Metropolitan (Study)

  87. View of the Quai d'Ovry

  88. Village near a Factory

  89. Wagon in Front of the Mill

  90. Walking in the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

  91. Walking in the Parc Montsouris

  92. Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest

  93. Woman with an Umbrella in an Exotic Forest