Georges Seurat Paintings

Alphabetical list

  1. Alfalfa Fields, Saint-Denis

  2. Bathing at Asnieres

  3. Bathing at Asnieres (Final Study)

  4. Bathing at Asnieres: Banks of a River

  5. Bathing at Asnieres: Bathers in the Water

  6. Bathing at Asnieres: Clothing on the Grass

  7. Bathing at Asnieres: Horses in the Water

  8. Bathing at Asnieres: Rainbow

  9. Bathing at Asnieres: Seated Bather

  10. Bathing at Asnieres: The Bank of the Seine

  11. Bathing at Asnieres: The Black Horse

  12. Boats near the Beach at Asnieres

  13. Boquet in a Vase

  14. Chahut

  15. Corner of a House

  16. Courbevoie, Landscape with Turret

  17. Edge of Wood, Springtime

  18. Farm Women at Work

  19. Fisherman

  20. Fishermen

  21. Forest Path, Barbizon

  22. Head of a Girl

  23. Horse

  24. Horse and Cart

  25. House with Red Roof

  26. In the Woods at Pontaubert

  27. Invitation to the Sideshow

  28. La Grande Jatte, 1884-1886

  29. La Grande Jatte (Study)

  30. La Grande Jatte (Study)

  31. La Grande Jatte (Study)

  32. La Grande Jatte: An Afternoon

  33. La Grande Jatte: Cadet from Saint-Cyr

  34. La Grande Jatte: Landscape with Figures

  35. La Grande Jatte: Sailboat

  36. La Grande Jatte: Seated and Standing Woman

  37. La Grande Jatte: Seated Man, Reclining Woman

  38. La Grande Jatte: Sketch with Many Figures

  39. La Grande Jatte: The Couple

  40. La Grande Jatte: The Rope-Colored Skirt

  41. La Grande Jatte: Three Men Seated

  42. La Grande Jatte: Une Perissoire

  43. La Grande Jatte: White Dog

  44. La Grande Jatte: Woman Fishing and Seated Figures

  45. La Grande Jatte: Woman Seated and Baby Carriage

  46. La Grande Jatte: Woman Sewint

  47. La Grande Jatte: Woman with a Monkey

  48. La Grande Jatte: Women by the Water

  49. Landscape at Saint-Ouen

  50. Landscape of the Ile de France

  51. Large Figure in a Landscape

  52. Le Crotoy, Downstream

  53. Le Crotoy, Upstream

  54. Man Leaning on a Parapet

  55. Men Laying Stakes

  56. Peasants Driving Stakes

  57. Pink Landscape

  58. Port-en-Bessin

  59. Port-en-Bessin, Entrance to the Outer Harbor

  60. Port-en-Bessin, The Outer Harbor, High Tide

  61. Port-en-Bessin, The Outer Harbor, Low Tide

  62. Port-en-Bessin, the Semaphore and Cliffs

  63. Port-en-Bessin: Sunday

  64. River's Edge

  65. Rue Saint-Vincent, Montmartre, in Spring

  66. Seated Woman

  67. Snow Effect: Winter in the Suburbs

  68. Stone Breaker and Wheelbarrow, Le Raincy

  69. Suburb

  70. The Artist's Mother

  71. The Bineau Bridge

  72. The Bridge: View of the Seine

  73. The Channel at Gravelines, Evening

  74. The Channel at Gravelines, Grand-Fort-Philippe

  75. The Channel at Gravelines, in the Direction of the Sea

  76. The Channel at Gravelines, Petit-Fort-Philippe

  77. The Circus

  78. The Circus (Study)

  79. The Clearing (Landscape with a Stake)

  80. The Eiffel Tower

  81. The Gardener

  82. The Hedge

  83. The Mower

  84. The Riverbanks

  85. The Riverside

  86. The Seine at La Grande Jatte in the Spring

  87. The Stone Breaker

  88. The Stone Breaker

  89. The Stone Breaker

  90. The Stone Breaker

  91. The Stone Breakers

  92. Village Road

  93. White Houses, Ville d'Avray

  94. Young Peasant in Blue

  95. Young Woman Powdering Herself

  96. Young Woman Powdering Herself (Study)