Alvise Vivarini (1445 - 1505)

Alvise or Luigi Vivarini, (1446 – 1502), was an Italian painter in the late Gothic style, the leading Venetian artist before Giovanni Bellini. Like Bellini, he was part of a dynasty of painters.

Vivarini was born in 1446 or 1447. His father was Antonio Vivarini and his uncle, with whom he may have trained, was Bartolomeo Vivarini. Another uncle, on his mother’s side, was the artist known as Giovanni d'Alemagna, who worked with his brother-in-law Antonio. He died in 1502 poor and in debt.

Alvise Vivarini Paintings

Altarpiece of St Ambros Christ Carrying the Cross Holy Family Mary and Child Mary and Child with Sts Mary Magdalene and Catherine Mary with the Child Portrait of a Man