The biography of Edwin Lord Weeks (1849 - 1903)

Edwin Lord Weeks (1849-1903) was an American artist.

Weeks was born at Boston, Massachusetts, in 1849. He was a pupil of Léon Bonnat and Jean-Léon Gérôme at Paris.

He made many voyages to the East and was distinguished as a painter of oriental scenes. In the early 1870s Weeks travelled to Syria, Palestine and Egypt. Weeks visited Morocco in the late 1870s. This trip apparently proved the turning point in Weeks’ career as it revealed to him the field in which his genius could find its most natural expression. He decided to pursue his artistic education in Paris and in 1874 he was registered in the atelier of the most celebrated French Orientalist Jean Léon Gérôme.

In 1882 Weeks travelled to northern India in search of new subjects. He toured for a year before returning to Europe and from 1884 to 1890 regularly exhibited Indian scenes at the Paris Salon. In July 1892 he set out on a second extended journey to India, this time through Turkey and Persia.

He recorded his impressions of this journey in a series of illustrated articles for “Harper’s New Monthly Magazine” between 1893 and 1895. Some of these were later worked up into paintings for an exhibition at the Salon. In 1895 he wrote and illustrated a book of travels, From the Black Sea through Persia and India, and two years later he published Episodes of Mountaineering. Further magazine and book illustrations followed and Weeks was kept busy with these and still more Salon pictures until his death.

He died on the 17th of November 1903. He was a member of the Legion of Honour, France, an officer of the Order of St Michael, Germany, and a member of the Secession, Munich.