The biography of Joachim Anthonisz Wtewael (1566 - 1638)

Joachim Anthonisz Wtewael (1566 - 1638) was a notable Dutch figure painter and engraver.

Wtewael (also spelled Uytewael) was born in Utrecht, 1566. Wtewael began his career engraving glass with his father in their hometown of Utrecht. In 1586 he began six years of voyaging through France and Italy, specifically Padua, where he began to paint.

After travelling in Italy and France, he settled in his native Utrecht in 1592 at the age of twenty-five, where he joined the saddle makers’ guild as a painter and began producing paintings, drawings, engravings, and stained glass. One of the last Mannerist painters, Wtewael stuck to the tradition even as most painters adopted the naturalistic style.

He became one of the leading Dutch exponents of Mannerism in Utrecht. His highly distinctive, charmingly artificial style, which remained untouched by the naturalistic developments happening around him, was characterized by acidic colours and elegant figures in wilfully distorted poses. The best collection of his work, including a self-portrait (1601), is in the Centraal Museum, Utrecht.

He died on Aug 1, 1638 in Utrecht.